Dryers & Infrared Drying Tunnels

The right drying system is an integral part of your production line. We offer a range of drying solutions to maintain or expedite your production speed.



When you need to prepare the printed product for packaging and shipping in a short amount of time you should consider a post treatment solution. The MT3 / MT6 are infrared systems for drying all types of inks on pad and/or silk screen printed surfaces.

  • The MT3/MT6 dryers use both infrared rays and ventilated air (both together or separately)
  • The oven temperature is controlled by a thermoregulator and variable conveyor belt
  • The ovens are mounted on telescoping wheels for convenient positioning in your production area
  • The MT Series has three belt options: Steel Mesh, Heat Resistant Teflon or Steel Plates
  • Optional cold air tunnel is available on the MT6 unit

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*see our brochure for detailed specifications for each unit.

Printable Area: Infrared oven with a metal mesh conveyor belt & variable speed.