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Engineered Printing Solutions wants to offer you a quick and convenient way to purchase equipment.  This is why we teamed up with a specialized commercial lender, Ascentium Capital.

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EPS Announces Financing Options for Machine Purchases

October 8—Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) announced today that it has partnered with Ascentium Capital to offer financing for machine purchases.  Get instant credit up to $250,000 with financing and leasing options up to $2 million to qualified borrowers.   This can provide tremendous tax benefits to borrowers and, combined with our streamlined production process, can drastically shorten lead times—meaning you can decorate your products that much sooner.

KP08 Catheter Printer

KP08 Catheter Printer

Take, for example, the KP08 pad printer.  This extremely versatile pad printer features an easy-to-use electronic touch screen allowing the operator to control many functions, such as timer delays, delay front and back, as well as to program auxiliary functions such as rotary tables, part shuttles, automatic drying, and pre-treatment devices. the KP08 is capable of printing a 3″ diameter image using up to 5 colors or 4.5″ diameter image using 3 colors or fewer, as well as an extended-neck version for printing across a longer length.  We have built several of these machines to print on catheters for the medical device industry, and you can see the versatility of this machine on this page.

BottleJet Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

Perhaps you are in the drinkware industry and you wish to incorporate late-stage product-decoration into your production line so that you can respond quickly to changing consumer trends while carrying less WIP inventory.  The BottleJet Cylindrical Inkjet Printer.  One of our stalwart machines in the direct-to-shape niche, the BottleJet is a multi-color, UV-LED, high-resolution industrial inkjet printer designed specifically for decorating cylindrical bottles. This cylindrical inkjet printer can accommodate either flat-walled or tapered bottles and cups. Equipped with rotating clamps that can be adjusted to print various diameters and bottle lengths, the BottleJet boasts a synchronized printing and curing operation.  Capable of printing any cylindrical object with a diameter from 40 – 120mm and 110 – 225mm in length, with a printing area up to 150mm, optional UV lamp configurations can be stacked lengthwise to print a longer image.  Easy to load and unload, can accommodate either manual or automatic operation, the BottleJet is compatible with industry-standard graphics applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or Corel Draw.  With up to four Ricoh Gen4 print heads, the BottleJet is ideal for printing up to 1200×900 dpi images on pint glasses, water bottles, and other drinkware.  Watch the BottleJet in action here.

XD70 Singlepass Inkjet Printer

For a high-speed product-marking solution, consider the new, improved XD70 2.0.  With several inline pretreatment options from which to choose, and countless options for print head array (CMYK+WW, CMYKOGV, plus varnish options), the compact footprint of the XD70 means that this singlepass inkjet printer can integrate with your production line with several part-loading and -unloading options, including robotic handling of parts.  With a throughput speed of up to 50″/second, for levels of greyscale, and an effective resolution of up to 720 dpi, the XD70 can print 45,000 bottle caps per hour, with “skyscraper” printing also an option.  Watch a video of a high-speed singlepass bottlecap printer here.

You can own this KP08 Hard Hat Pad Printer today!

This financing offer even applies to a turnkey hard hat pad printing machine currently in stock.  At the heart of the machine is a KP08 3 Color Extended Neck pad printer, with three 110mm circular ceramic-ring style sealed ink cups and three pads.  Integrated twin plasma pretreatment nozzles ensure perfect adhesion.  A heavy-duty five-station linear servo shuttle transports the part for printing, and a servo-controlled rotational fixture rotates the part for printing on all sides.  An automatic programmable pad cleaner cleans the pad at operator-specified intervals, or at preprogrammed setpoints, for perfect image quality every time. You can find out more about this one-off opportunity and watch this pad print machine in action here.

EPS is proud of its product range and now with financing options available to qualified borrowers, there has never been a better time to
Change the Way You Print