Rare Opportunity to Own a Hard Hat Pad Printing Machine with No Lead Time!

Enhance the safety of your employees while promoting brand awareness.  Putting your logo on your company’s hard hats isn’t just good marketing; it could also make your employees safer.  And Engineered Printing Solutions currently has a unique opportunity for a turnkey hard hat pad printing system.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on long-term plans for many businesses.  Unforeseen shifts in supply and demand have upset traditional industries (who knew that the moribund retail grocery industry would have such a banner year?) and made instant superstars out of startups (hello Zoom).  Other companies have rejiggered capital investment plans, some speeding up projects to take advantage of historically cheap money while others are cancelling projects that no longer make sound business sense.

In May of this year, one company that falls into the latter category took delivery of a hard hat pad printing system designed and built by Engineered Printing Solutions.  Due to the rapidly-changing business climate in the age of Covid-19, the project for which the system was purchased was cancelled before our customer even had time to uncrate the machine, and EPS agreed to find a buyer for this never-used equipment.  This represents an incredible opportunity for someone looking for a turnkey hard hat printing solution, as the system is crated and ready for delivery, with zero lead time, as all of the development of the system such as finding the right pretreatment method and part transport system has already occurred.

At the heart of the machine is a KP08 3 Color Extended Neck pad printer, with three 110mm circular ceramic-ring style sealed ink cups and three pads.  Integrated twin plasma pretreatment nozzles ensure perfect adhesion.  A heavy-duty five-station linear servo shuttle transports the part for printing, and a servo-controlled rotational fixture rotates the part for printing on all sides.  An automatic programmable pad cleaner cleans the pad at operator-specified intervals, or at preprogrammed setpoints, for perfect image quality every time.

With three pads, the machine can be programmed for a variety of print modes:

  • 3 single images at three discreet locations, with up to three colors each
  • One single color image at one location
  • One 2-color image at one location and a single-color image at another location
  • Two single-color images at two locations
  • One single image at one location

You can see a video of this machine printing a one-color image in one location here:

This hard hat printing system is capable of printing images up to four inches in diameter.  The operator controls all functions through a five-inch display panel which allows for control of such functions as timer delays, delays on front and back, timed inking, counter, and machine cycle speed. The rotary fixture, pretreat station and shuttle transport are also controlled through the touchscreen display panel.

Contact us today to learn more about this great opportunity to own a tested, never-used, turnkey hard hat pad printing system!

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