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  1. SGIA 2013 Journal Round-Up of UV-LED Flatbeds: EPS’s fJET-24 Is Hi-Res for Hi-Quality

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    In the most recent SGIA Journal, Julian Joffe, CEO of Engineered Printing Solutions, was asked to participate in the article on “Compact UV-LED Flatbeds Take Inkjet Printing to New Heights” by freelance writer Eileen Fritsch.

    Last October the fJET-24 flatbed printer was added to our inkjet product line. This printer supports single- or bi-directional CMYK printing and is excellent for personalized souvenirs, customized gifts, industrial products and special promotional items.

    Adding the fJET-24 capabilities in any print shop would be a good way for a print-service provider to diversify their business. This unit is designed as a “high-speed Industrial flatbed” printer and offers high-quality graphics on most flat surfaces.  It allows the production of any image directly from standard graphic files to the product with no need for intermediate steps. It effectively replaces screen printing or pad printing and allows technically-proficient wide-format printers to break into new markets without the introduction of new, unfamiliar types of printing processes.

    Three major advantages:

    1. Allows direct production from a graphic file to print with no need for clichés or pads. Plus, multicolor imaging is accomplished without the need for image registration between colors. Extremely simple CYMK set-ups, compared to CYMK printing in the pad printing world – not that easy to do – where creating separations can be … well, challenging. The fJET-24 is equipped with an internal RIP that allows almost instantaneous creation of a separation file that is then sent directly to the printer in seconds.
    2. Reduction in set-up costs that enable CYMK printing with no additional set-up charges needed.
    3. Large image areas can easily be printed – up to 20″ x 24″ – in either CYMK multicolor or spot colors.

    Reduction in set-up time and elimination of components such as plates and pads translates into a cheaper printing. Inkjet has many advantages, but it will not replace pad printing, which is a better solution for products with curved and recessed surfaces.

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