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  1. Save on Pad Printing Ink!

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    Our customers have told us many times how frustrated they are with the amount of pad printing ink they have to throw out at the end of the day. Well we heard you and designed a handy little device to help utilize those small volumes of the ink mixed in the cups. Plus when the ink volume is less than 25 grams, the print quality can deteriorate – not with the new Ink Saver-Ring!

    The Ink Saver-Ring fits into a sealed ink cup where it agitates the ink as the cup slides across the cliché. This is a great tool for pad printers who use bi-component inks that must be throw out at the end of the day. Plus this ring will also help prevent the ink pigments from settling in the cups. Over time, less ink waste will add up to a significant cost savings!

    Available for all sealed ink cup sizes, call us for pricing and click Ceramic Ring Cups for details.