About Us

At Engineered Printing Solutions, we focus our attention on best-fit solutions for every customer we serve. The Engineered Printing Solutions team includes a full engineering and software development group, technical services, customer service and management team in total, 75 highly skilled and driven individuals.

In pursuit of perfect Customer Service and Satisfaction, we are constantly pushing the envelope, discovering more and more ways to seamlessly incorporate both pad printing and custom industrial inkjet solutions into the customer manufacturing process.

Engineered Printing Solutions facility in E. Dorset, VT

Our Mission

Engineered Printing Solutions’ number one goal is perfection in Customer Service & Satisfaction. In the quest for that goal, establishing customer partnerships to create machines that satisfy 100% became paramount. Engineered Printing Solutions’ performance toward their 100% Customer Service and Satisfaction goal has enabled dramatic growth for the company.

Founded in1985

Engineered Printing Solutions was founded in 1985. In 2003, we moved into a new 22,500 square foot building located in East Dorset, VT, just five miles north of our original quarters. In 2015, we opened an additional 10,000 square foot modern manufacturing space to keep pace with our continued growth.

Today, our team is keenly focused on the advancement of direct to substrate inkjet printing. In 2016 we were purchased by Xaar plc, a world leader in the development of digital inkjet technology. Our vision is to be the leader in Industrial Inkjet Integration.


Todd Murphy



Sylvain Lacroix

Engineering Manager


Alex Grimes

Production Manager


Micky Wood

Operations Manager


Rob Higgins



Dimitar Hristev

Field Support Manager


Mary Mitiguy

HR Manager

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Our Vision:

To be the Leader in Industrial Inkjet Integration

Our Values


We promote long-term partnerships with employees, customers and suppliers built on consideration and open communication


We respect the individual, create opportunity for personal growth, promote teamwork and expect professionalism


We work together to achieve success for each other and for our customers