Custom Machine Automation Design & Robotics

In addition to offering tried and true solutions for your unique applications, we make R & D investments at our state-of-the-art facility to invent new methods of product marking and handling. The benefits to our clients are greater flexibility and customization, faster throughput, and ultimately, competitive advantage for greater profit.

Our experience has shown that every customer’s needs are unique. What set us apart from our competition is that our sales and engineering teams will work closely with you from the initial assessment of the requirements all the way to creative solution.

“Building a custom solution is more than just selecting an ink and machine combination for a given substrate; it is a collaborative effort between the customer, EPS and our partners.”


Our custom automation solutions include bulk loading and unloading, optical & laser sensing and positioning, part conveying, robotic pick-and-place, custom software applications (including digital image processing and remote diagnostics), plus a variety of pre- and post-treatment options including corona treating, flaming, UV curing and infrared conveyor ovens.