Safety Equipment Marking Machines

Markings on safety equipment must convey vital information and be able to withstand abuse and harsh environments.  Depending on the desired length and throughput rate of the production run, the topology of the part, the complexity of the marking to be applied, and any upstream or downstream production line integration requirements, pad printing can be a cost-effective solution.  But when runs are short, or variable data (such as employee names) are required, industrial inkjet printers are the better option.

Engineered Printing Solutions has built both analog and digital product-marking solutions for the safety industry.  Contact us today to find the right solution for you.

Pad Print Solutions

Pad printing machines are the go-to solution for decorating difficult part topographies, and remain a viable, cost-effective option for decorating safety equipment, particularly where long runs and single colors are common.  Watch the video below to see a pad printer marking a hard hat:

Inkjet Solutions

More and more companies are making the switch to digital inkjet printing when it comes to safety equipment. The ability to store multiple designs digitally rather than on a cliché means that short runs and quick changeovers are possible. Both flatbed and singlepass inkjet printers are viable options, depending the size and shape of the part as well as the size of the production run.

Example Applications:
  • Safety glasses
  • Custom hard hats
  • Gloves
  • Ear plugs