Cylindrical Inkjet Printers

These pint glasses were printed on the BottleJet inkjet bottle printer.

Inkjet Printers in general offer unprecedented possibilities for direct-to-shape printing. Cylindrical inkjet printers are designed for printing on either flat- or taper-walled cylindrical objects such as water bottles, pint glasses and other drinkware.

With our rotational inkjet printers below, you now have the ability to print in a full 360 degrees directly on an object in full CMYK+W, thus eliminating the step of applying a label to the object. With inkjet, short-run bottle printing is also now possible. Water bottle printers, wine bottle printers, squeeze bottle printing—it’s all possible on our cylindrical inkjet printers. With different machines designed for different industries and applications—drinkware, ad specialty, industrial— with throughput speeds from 50 pph to 7200 pph, we are sure to have one that fits your needs. Click on one of the machines below to learn more.

A Cylindrical Inkjet Printer for Every Application

Store artwork for rapid changeovers. Direct-to-object rotational inkjet printing equipment for everything from drinkware to industrial parts. With throughputs ranging from 60 parts per hour to thousands of parts per hour. Some with inline pretreatment and automated load/unload capabilities for blistering throughput speeds. All with CMYK process colors plus white and with varnish options. All variable data capable. Read on to find the one that is right for your application.

Fast: BottleJet Inkjet Bottle Printer

The BottleJET Cylindrical Inkjet Printer The BottleJet Inkjet Bottle Printer

The BottleJet Inkjet Bottle Printer is our most economical multi-color, UV-LED industrial inkjet printer designed specifically for decorating both flat-walled and tapered cylindrical bottles. UV-LED curing and multiple fixturing options make this an extremely versatile bottle printing machine.

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Faster: DualSpin Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The BottleJet DualSpin Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The BottleJET DualSpin is endowed with amazing print productivity and quality for simultaneous printing of 2 tapered/cylindrical objects. The DualSpin has two loading stations allowing for loading of one station while the other is printing. Print 1, 2, 3, or 4 different designs in one job!

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Fastest: XD-360° Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The XD-360 2.0 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The XD-360° Cylindrical Inkjet Printer is a multi-color, UV-LED, high-resolution industrial inkjet printer built specifically for decorating cylindrical objects. Part load and unload options enable the XD-360° to decorate parts inline to match your production speed. Click below to learn more.

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Example Applications

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