Pretreatment Systems

Pretreatment systems can take many forms, depending on substrate, ink chemistry, and performance requirements.  With the ever-increasing variety of substrates, pretreatment is becoming a standard part of every custom solution we build.  (To read more about pretreatment options, download our free white paper on the subject.) .   Read on for a brief description of the various types of pretreatment systems, from corona to flame.
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Corona Device

Corona surface treatmentThe corona device is used for treating surfaces especially PP-PE plastics and similar surfaces.

  • Corona pre-treatment can be installed on any conveyor of the pad print machine
  • Conveyors and parts fixtures must be specially designed (Not suitable for metal parts or metal fixtures)
  • High Voltage / Low Temperature electrical discharge is suitable for delicate materials, which may be damaged by flame pre-treatment.
  • Generally preferred over flame systems for clean room installations
  • Stand-alone units can be used with for automated part feeding.

Photo shown is a stand-alone device. Units also available for in-line production application.

Stand-Alone Flamer

This stand-alone unit is fully adjustable to accommodate small to medium sized parts. All flamers are equipped with an electronic ignition and UV flame safety sensor.

  • The horizontal burner stroke is 10 inches.
  • Controls can adjust flame intensity, fuel/air mixture, extend/retract speed of burner and height.
  • The unit operates by placing the substrate either in a fixture or directly on the platform.
  • The pretreatment cycle is activated by the standard foot pedal or by the printer.

The flame is ignited by a piezo ignition system and a pneumatic cylinder shuttles the burner over the part. The UV flame sensor prevents operation without the flame. Then the burner returns home and the flame is extinguished.

Conveyor Flamer

The pre-treatment conveyor flamer can be added to a standard single pass inkjet platform or purchased as a standalone system. Many substrates, including plastics require pre-treatment to provide a better bonding surface for ink adhesion.

This unit has the following features:

  • Automatic product detection – this unit charts the product and will auto shut-off the flame when the operator/feeder stops feeding the conveyor, saving energy.
  • Sensor detects if flame is ON or OFF as the product passes through the flaming unit.
  • This modular system can be added to standard single pass inkjet platforms or purchased as a standalone system.
  • Optional liquid cooled guidance rails for required applications.
  • Adjustable conveyor speed for different materials and length of pre-treatment required.
  • Small, compact footprint.
  • OSHA compliant.
  • Operates on natural gas or propane.
  • Adjustment of flame power with a single control.
  • Flow meters for air & gas provide precise control of process parameters.