SinglePass Inkjet Printers

With singlepass industrial inkjet printers, the product passes below a series of print heads only once, producing high throughput speeds for mass production. The image resolution required and the part size determine throughput speed, since the parts pass under the print heads on a continuous conveyor. Some singlepass inkjet systems are able to run at extremely high speeds, up to 50 inches per second and higher. The native resolution of the head is in the cross track direction -for example a print head with 360 nozzles per inch will print in lateral sense at 360 dots per inch (DPI). In the longitudinal direction, singlepass inkjet printers can achieve higher resolutions if the max print head speed is reached and the parts move more slowly under the print heads.

In order to increase resolution in the lateral sense, it is possible to add additional print heads in the print direction and offset them by a certain number of pixels to double or triple the DPI in the in track while running at maximum speed. The print width can also be increased by adding print heads in the cross track to increase the print swath by a factor of the print head width.

Typical head configurations in our singlepass inkjet printers consist of WW + CYMK. It is also possible to vastly expand the color gamut with the addition of print heads inkjetting Orange, Green, and Violet.

Product-marking and –decoration using singlepass inkjet printers is a complex process with many factors to consider, from substrate material to adhesion requirements, from throughput rates to upstream and downstream part-handling. That’s why we are here to help with our full team of software engineers, mechanical engineers, production engineers, and graphic designers. Drop us a line, and let’s start a conversation!

XD Series Singlepass Inkjet Printers

Typical Configuration:

  • 70 mm print width
  • CMYK+WW print heads
  • Varnish heads available
  • Extended Color Gamut (CMYK+OGV) available
  • Four levels of greyscale
  • Corona, Flame, or Plasma Pretreatment available
  • Drop-on-demand InstaCure UV ink allows printing multiple colors with zero down time
  • Custom Part-Loading & Unloading
  • Throughput Speed: up to 50″/second
  • Print widths of 108 mm, 140 mm, or 210 mm available

Dedicated Turnkey Single Pass Systems

Over the years, we have perfected single pass inkjet product-marking machines for several specific applications. Click the links below to see some of our dedicated product-marking solutions in action.

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Our hard hat printers have inline corona pretreatment and automated part rotating for printing on all sides.
cold foil printed ribbon
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Our cold foil single pass inkjet printers are revolutionizing the yearbook, trophy, and awards industries by eliminating the need for hot-stamping machines. By printing decorative metallic finishes inline with instant UV curing, your products are immediately ready for downstream activities such as sorting and packaging.
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Our single pass saw blade printers cut through the competition.
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High-speed solution for printing on yogurt container lids.