Color Technology

Many of our customers rely on us when the color match has to be exact and the finished product cannot have even the slightest variation in hue or depth. This exacting work is where the Ink Department at Engineered Printing Solutions excels. Our painstaking attention to detail means that the decorating on your job not only looks right — it looks exactly right. From the first piece through the last, we make sure the colors stay true and will maintain durability throughout their life. Once we know we have the exact color match we keep your custom color formula on file for future replenishment.

Whether it is a pad printing or digital ink application, we can help you select the most effective formulation. We have expertise selecting inks for:

  • Color Mixing
  • Medical grade components
  • Infant and child non-toxic ink applications
  • Migration and toxicity control
  • Food grade inks for either digital or pad
  • Printing applications
  • Edible inks
We offer a full range of printing inks capable of meeting any specific need or print result. The following considerations in sequence are followed in choosing pad printing ink:
  • type of material to be printed
  • surface characteristics
  • brightness degree
  • drying requirements
  • special requirements concerning mechanical or chemical resistance


Good results on nylon and powder coated surfaces


Glass, ceramics, nylon, ferrous & non-ferrous metals


Rubber, natural or synthetic textile fiber


Used on a broad range of plastics


ABS, mylar, polyester, polystyrene


For printing on silicone


Print on a broad range of clear plastics and metals


For printing on Polypropylene materials


Plexiglas, PVC and thermo-plastics

Class VI – Medical

Four ink choices medically certified

Class I – Topical Use

Certified inks for topical use


Plexiglas, PVC and thermo-plastics