1. Custom fixture design
  2. Conveying
  3. Flaming
  4. Bulk loading and unloading
  5. Robotic pick-and-place
  6. UV curing
  7. Optical & laser sensing and positioning
  8. Corona treating
  9. Infrared conveyor ovens

“Our job is to take your project from the germ of an idea to full realization, whether that means implementing solutions using current machines, or designing and building specialized machines to fit any application you can dream up.”

Julian Joffe, Founder

How do we arrive at the most effective printing solutions? We start by asking the right questions to get a clear picture of your project requirements. Then we research all the options to ensure we find the best one for you. Moving forward, we’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through the process and ensure your equipment is built to your specifications.


Manufacturing Process Consulting