Pad Printing Inks

Engineered Printing Solutions offers a full range of printing inks capable of meeting any specific need or print result. Consider the following when choosing pad printing ink:

  1. type of material to be printed
  2. surface characteristics
  3. brightness degree
  4. drying requirements
  5. special requirements concerning mechanical or chemical resistance.


Inks available in stock
Printable Area:
Printable Area: Full line of everyday ink consumables.
Printable Area: Hardener, thinner, retarder, anti-static and clean-up solvents
Printable Area: PMS© Mixing Ink System - ideal for shorter production runs.
Printable Area: Certified inks for topical use.
Printable Area: 4 ink choices medically certified.
Printable Area: ABS, mylar, polyester, polystyrene
Printable Area: Plexiglas, and thermo-plastics.
Printable Area: For Polypropylene Materials.
Printable Area: For clear plastics and metals.
Printable Area: Used on a broad range of different kinds of plastics.
Printable Area: Rubber, natural or synthetic textile fiber.
Printable Area: Glass, ceramics, nylon, ferrous & non-ferrous metals
Printable Area: Good results on nylon and powder coated surfaces.