Custom conveyors can be designed for many applications including post and/or pre-treating process during pad printing. Special fixtures can be designed to hold a particular substrate through the conveyor system.

Types of conveyors available are:

  • Belt driven – Several types of materials and designs are available depending on the application.
  • Linear
  • Elliptical
  • Gantry

Elliptical Conveyors

Elliptical conveyance is used primarily in automated applications to increase hourly part output. This conveyor is for use on multi-color applications that require precise positioning to achieve perfect registration. This product is also suitable for printing single or double colors on two or four parts simultaneously. The elliptical conveyor is controlled by a servo motor or pneumatically with locking pins that control print registration.

  • Configurations include: 12 stations for 4 colors, 14 stations for 5 colors, 16 stations for 6 colors
  • Advance distance is programmed directly from the machine’s touch screen
  • Pick and place devices for automated product loading and/or unload stations and pre-treatment devices including flamers, corona or plasma can be integrated
Printable Area: 12 stations - 4 colors, 14 stations - 5 colors, 16 stations - 6 colors