Custom conveyors can be designed for many applications including post and/or pre-treating process during pad printing. Special fixtures can be designed to hold a particular substrate through the conveyor system.

Types of conveyors available are:

  • Belt driven – Several types of materials and designs are available depending on the application.
  • Linear
  • Elliptical
  • Gantry

Linear Conveyors

Linear conveyance is used primarily in multi-color and automated applications to increase hourly part output on machines with or without independent pads. This product is designed to allow multi-station printing on the same object in different locations and colors. The linear conveyor is electrically operated and controlled by a servo motor.

  • Configurations include: from 18 up to 48 stations or more if required. Center to center on 127mm, 159mm, 191mm, 280mm or as required
  • Advance distance is programmed directly from the machine’s touch screen
  • Pick and place devices for automated product loading and/or unload stations and pre-treatment devices including flamers, corona or plasma can be integrated
Printable Area: Available in various sizes for specific automation needs.