Optional Devices

To complete your printing job set-up, Engineered Printing Solutions offers a complete line of printing accessories. From conveyors to dryers, flamers to washers, we offer everything you are likely to need to make certain your pad printing job runs smoothly.


Many substrates, especially PP-PE plastics require pre-treatment to prepare or improve the bonding surface for ink adhesion. The corona plasma is generated by the application of high voltage to an electrode that has a sharp point. The plasma charge forms that the tip of this sharp point. The corona plasma treatment changes the surface energy of the substrate.

The corona pre-treatment (sometimes referred to as air plasma) device is optional equipment that can be added to a standard platform or purchased as a standalone pre-treatment system.

This unit has the following features:

  • Conveyors and parts fixtures must be specially designed. This unit is not suitable or metal parts or metal fixtures.
  • High Voltage/Low Temperature electrical discharge is suitable for delicate materials, which are normally damaged by flame pre-treatment
  • Generally preferred over flame systems for clean room installations
  • Stand-alone units can be used with automated part handling process. Units also available for in-line production applications
Printable Area: Pre-treatment device using a plasma discharge.