Pad Printing Inks

Engineered Printing Solutions offers a full range of printing inks capable of meeting any specific need or print result. Consider the following when choosing pad printing ink:

  1. type of material to be printed
  2. surface characteristics
  3. brightness degree
  4. drying requirements
  5. special requirements concerning mechanical or chemical resistance.

You can read more about selecting the correct ink series here.

Class VI - Medical

Syringes, catheters, medical tubing – most of the time these medical devices are imprinted with markings that facilitate their use.  Because they come in contact with the human body, both the substrate itself and the ink used to mark it are subject to standards issued by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).  USP is an official public standards authority for health care items that sets standards for the quality, purity, strength and consistency of medical products.

We offer the following inks with Class VI certification:

  • PLT4 #65 Black, #30 Blue, and #10 Yellow
  • PLTG #65 Black
  • TPR #980 Black
  • TPU #980 Black
Printable Area: For internal applications.