EAZY Pad Printers

The EAZY Series of Pad Printing Machines are the ideal economical pad printing solution for textile printing and all general production applications. All have a sealed inkcup system, enabling color changes to be made quickly and with fewer fumes released to the environment. Available in one and two color configurations.


EAZY 90 Pad Printing Machine

EAZY 130

The EAZY 130 Pad Printing Machine

EAZY 160

The EAZY 160 Pad Printing Machine


  • Electro-pneumatic control
  • Micrometrical and adjustable fixture support table
  • Photopolymer, steel, and laser plate capability
  • Sliding left and right side guard protection
  • Foot pedal included
  • Adjustable steel dovetail pad assembly
The EAZY series can be configured with an “RR” pad shuttle. With this configuration, the part remains stationary and the pads move side-to-side for exact print registration on multicolor applications.