KE07 Pad Printing Machine

The KE07 pad print machine set up for horizontal operation.

The KE07 pad print machine set up for vertical operation.


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  • The KE07 is equipped with a high-speed brushless servo motor and can operate at a maximum speed of 2,000 cycles per hour.
  • Standard configuration is one color – single pad, but can be modified for printing up to four colors or with four pads printing a single color.
  • Horizontal pad stroke variable to 8 inches and adjustable between 45 to 90°.
  • The KE07 is ideal for horizontal in-line printing of parts that need to stand vertically and can also be modified to print from below onto the bottom of parts being conveyed over the printer.
  • Two KE07s can also be configured to print on opposite sides of bottles or other items simultaneously.
  • The standard KE07 is built to accept a 60mm, 90mm, 130mm or 160mm sealed cups with minimal modifications.