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Perspectives—Our Blog


These compact dryers allow you to produce professional, long lasting images, even with a limited space or budget. The double-wall construction and adjustable oven doors retain oven heat, while the exhaust flange allows removalof fumes from your shop. These dryers handle a wide variety of imprintables—caps, jackets, sweats, and transfers, to name just a few. […]

Bowl Feeders

We custom design bowl feeders to your product to allow the part to flow into your printing production line smoothly and efficiently.  Bowl feeders as well as other parts-handling technologies have applications in both industrial inkjet as well as pad-printing solutions.  Indeed, automated parts handling such as bowl feeders are particularly cost-effective for the long […]

Rotary Pad Printer

The XRV rotary pad printer is specifically designed for volume printing the measurements on the sides of syringes. Features One color with 360° vertical printing capability Diameter of the syringes from 10 to 40mm and length 70 to 100mm Bulk loading with conveyor system Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for printing in a clean […]