KP13 Pad Printing Machine

KP13 Electro-Pneumatic Printer

KP13 Electro-Pneumatic Printer


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  • The modular plug and play software and mechanical combo style allow the KP13 to be combined with a multitude of accessories such as rotary, linear and elliptical conveyors, flamers, longer clichés for the cup slide.
  • Flexible control panel positioning based on manufacturing requirements.
  • Standard configuration from one to five colors uses a 130mm diameter sealed cup with ceramic ring.
  • A unique feature is the highly stable drive system on the vertical down stroke that allows for extreme side loads with no ill effect.
  • The KP13 stable head design lends itself well to longer images or multicolor printing for use in diverse applications.
  • This machine is capable of printing 1,000 parts per hour.