KP16 Pad Printing Machine

KP16 Electro-Pneumatic Printer

KP16 Electro-Pneumatic Printer


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  • Equipped with a state of the art controller and a large touch pad LCD display with features such as variable time delay on the pad stroke for both ink pick up and ink deposit.
  • Flexible control panel positioning based on manufacturing requirements.
  • Can be configured with 1 to 5 colors and is fitted with a 160mm sealed ink cup.
  • The KP16 is an electro-pneumatic functioning pad printer that produces high quality printing, even on irregular surfaces.
  • Many options are available including:
    – Automatic pad cleaning
    – Hot air on pads
    – Pre-treatment: gas flaming or corona
    – UV ink dryer
    – Automatic pick-and-place for loading & unloading product
    – Multiple conveyors, feeder options & more