Employee Spotlight: Richard Tafoya, Machine Assembler

EPS: I’m talking today with Richard Tafoya, who is a pad print assembler here at Engineered Printing Solutions, and he is our spotlight employee of the day. Richard tell me, how long have you worked for EPS? RT: I started on the first of December 2014. EPS: Eight years. And tell me about a typical […]

Employee Spotlight: Josh Volovik, Machine Technician

Q: So Josh, how long have you worked for Engineered Printing Solutions? JV: I just celebrated my six year anniversary on the 21st of March this year. Q: That’s a long time. What do you what do you like best about working for EPS? JV: I like the people I work with for starters.  They’re […]

Employee Spotlight: Ray Johnson, Pad Room

In today’s Employee Spotlight, we visit with Ray Johnson, our pad room specialist.  Ray designs and pours all of our custom pads for our customers. Q: How long have you worked at Engineered Printing Solutions? I have been with the company for over sixteen years. Q: Wow, that’s a long time! What do you like […]