Jakob Izzo Named West Coast Territory Sales Manager

East Dorset, VT, August 5, 2022— Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) has announced that Jakob Izzo will assume duties as the West Coast Territory Sales Manager, covering Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, as well as the three western Canadian provinces.  An employee of Engineered Printing Solutions for six years, Jake previously […]

Employee Spotlight: Richard Tafoya, Machine Assembler

EPS: I’m talking today with Richard Tafoya, who is a pad print assembler here at Engineered Printing Solutions, and he is our spotlight employee of the day. Richard tell me, how long have you worked for EPS? RT: I started on the first of December 2014. EPS: Eight years. And tell me about a typical […]

Employee Spotlight: Josh Volovik, Machine Technician

Q: So Josh, how long have you worked for Engineered Printing Solutions? JV: I just celebrated my six year anniversary on the 21st of March this year. Q: That’s a long time. What do you what do you like best about working for EPS? JV: I like the people I work with for starters.  They’re […]

Employee Spotlight: Ray Johnson, Pad Room

In today’s Employee Spotlight, we visit with Ray Johnson, our pad room specialist.  Ray designs and pours all of our custom pads for our customers. Q: How long have you worked at Engineered Printing Solutions? I have been with the company for over sixteen years. Q: Wow, that’s a long time! What do you like […]