Employee Spotlight: Richard Tafoya, Machine Assembler

Employee Spotlight: Richard Tafoya, Machine AssemblerEPS: I’m talking today with Richard Tafoya, who is a pad print assembler here at Engineered Printing Solutions, and he is our spotlight employee of the day. Richard tell me, how long have you worked for EPS?

RT: I started on the first of December 2014.

EPS: Eight years. And tell me about a typical day. What does that entail?

RT: It’s all different every day. That’s what I really like about this place is every day, it’s something different that I do. You know, I’ll build a pad printer. I was working on a Corona treater earlier today. Now I’m working on KP-05. You know, it always changes. I like that.

EPS: That’s very cool. And that does lead to my next question. What do you liked best about working here?

RT: The variety, but it’s not too much variety that it gets overwhelming, you know what I mean? I mean, it’s pretty much the same stuff, but different applications.

EPS: What is it about direct-to-object product-decoration that really intrigues you?

RT: Probably about the same as before, you know, every because every part you print is different, with different part topologies. So you have to come up with a way to make it fit onto the machine or whatever.

EPS: Tell me a little about your background. What are you like doing your spare time?

RT: In my spare time? I anodize. I like to generate electricity, and like to mess around with water, solar and stuff like that.

EPS: So do you do solar in your house?

RT: Yeah, I have solar. I’m building a little hydro generator too. Unfortunately, in Vermont, they don’t let you dam up the rivers and stuff!

EPS: We certainly have no shortage of both water and vertical drop here in Vermont. And I know you also like to tinker with old cars, because we’ve shared that in the past. Thanks a lot, Rick!

RT: Well, thank you very much.


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