Employee Spotlight: Ray Johnson, Pad Room

Employee Spotlight: Ray Johnson, Pad RoomIn today’s Employee Spotlight, we visit with Ray Johnson, our pad room specialist.  Ray designs and pours all of our custom pads for our customers.

Q: How long have you worked at Engineered Printing Solutions?

I have been with the company for over sixteen years.

Q: Wow, that’s a long time! What do you like best about working for EPS?

What I like about working at EPS is the people. I enjoy coming in and seeing my co-workers.  We’re a dedicated bunch, each with different skillsets, but all pulling in the same direction.

Q: Tell us about a typical day.  What do you do at EPS?

My day is pretty routine.  All of the pads have basically three stages.  I’m either making bases or pouring molds, or cleaning the pads.

Q: How many pads do you keep in inventory?

Our stock pads come in a multitude of different shapes, sizes, widths, lengths and heights, without even mentioning the custom pads we pour for our customers. If you originally ordered your pad from us, we’ll have noted the pad re-order number on the base. If you want to try one of our pads and see one on our website that matches what you’ve got, give us a call and we’ll talk.

Employee Spotlight: Ray Johnson, Pad RoomQ: What is your turnaround time for orders?

Although we stock our most-frequently ordered pads, we generally pour your pad within hours of receiving your order. Then, depending on the pad material and the size of the order, we generally ship orders within 3-5 days of receiving them.  One important factor, as I mentioned, is the pad material itself.  Blue pads cure in 1 hour, red pads take 24 hours to fully harden, and white pads take a full 48 hours of curing time before we can pack and ship them.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.  What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to bowl, hang out with my family, and play with my dogs.

Thank you for your time!