BottleJET 2.1 Inkjet Bottle Printing Machine

BottleJet inkjet bottle printer light sensor The BottleJet 2.1 Cylindrical inkjet Printer has a UV light sensor to prevent accidental curing of the print heads.

BottleJet inkjet bottle printer fixture The BottleJet 2.1 has an improved bottle fixture with additional rollers.

BottleJet inkjet bottle printer UV sensor Green light indicates print heads are not exposed to UV light.

the BottleJet inkjet bottle printer has a new improved servo motor. Servo motor replaces step motor for more precise movement of print heads.

BottleJet 2.1 Features

BottleJet 2.1 inkjet bottle printer tech sheet

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See comparison results between the old and new models! (Click on the image to open a larger version.)

BottleJet inkjet bottle printer changeovers are rapid. New quick-release latches permit instant tooling changeovers.

  • Upgraded firmware:
    • Start printing position can now be specified along with x and y positions
    • Speed calibration is more accurate and is automatically stored, reducing setup time
  • Added UV Sensor to enhance safety and reduce risk of damage to heads
  • Improved bottle fixture with additional rollers and quick-release for fast changeovers
  • Improved lead screw servo motor
  • Upgraded lead screw
  • Stronger carriage beam and support leg
  • New visible red laser guide makes it easier to set x-axis printing origin
  • Improved stirring method for white ink: integrated agitator mixes white ink according to pre-set timer even while machine is off

Watch the BottleJet 2.1 bottle printer in action: