Direct-to-Object Printing Equipment: It’s What We Do!

When I tell people that Engineered Printing Solutions builds printing equipment, I usually see a look cross their face as they picture huge offset printing presses with enormous rolls of paper flying through them, like those scenes out of a movie from the golden era of Hollywood that end with a spinning newspaper boldly trumpeting […]

Find The Bottleneck

America has a throughput problem.  How to stick over 600 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine into arms as quickly as possible? We have written in the past about the logistical challenges of administering the COVID-19 vaccine to the US population—the challenges of manufacturing the vaccines and distributing them.  This is a classic throughput problem, so […]

EPS Announces BottleJet 2.1 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

Engineered Printing Solutions is pleased to announce a new version of its celebrated BottleJet Cylindrical Inkjet Printer—the BottleJet 2.1. Highlights include an improved lead screw motion motor, which is now servo-electric instead of a “step” motor for increased repeatability and reliability.  Other improvements include an improved bottle fixture, with additional guide rollers that can be […]