EPS Donates Tagless Printing Equipment

EPS Donates Tagless Printing Equipment

KP05 Pad Printing Machine

March 28—Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) recently donated a KP05 Pad Printing Machine and a BR35M Exposure Unit to Spectrum Designs, a non-profit custom T-shirt store in Port Washington, NY.

In an effort to counter the 80 percent unemployment rate among adults on the autism spectrum, Spectrum Designs has as its mission to offer gainful employment and meaningful work to individuals within a social enterprise. With the addition of new pad printing equipment from EPS, Spectrum Designs will not only employ an additional worker to print direct-to-garment tagless labels, but Spectrum also has plans to widen their product offering to include customized golf balls, key chains, and many other promotional items that cannot be printed using a silk-screen process.


BR35M Exposure Unit

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