Engineered Printing Solutions Serves Essential Industries

surgical safety maskAs the current COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, companies and individuals are struggling to determine how best to respond in a way that ensures the safety of us all but still bears some semblance of normal life.  Like everyone else, Engineered Printing Solutions struggles to reconcile multiple concerns for the safety of our employees as well as the need to provide uninterrupted service to our existing customers, and new machines to new customers.

To date, we have taken the following safety measures:

  • In compliance with CDC recommendations, EPS has instituted a liberal leave policy encouraging those employees who can to work from home.
  • All meetings are virtual; social distancing and hand washing are the norm for those who must go into our facility
  • Customer visits by sales engineers have been temporarily suspended, with videoconferencing in its place.
  • Similarly, on-site FATs have been replaced by video FATs.
  • In accordance with the California governor’s mandate, our Fremont facility is temporarily closed.

However, many of our customers manufacture products deemed essential for fighting the epidemic, such as medical device manufacturers, health & safety product manufacturers, and food packaging manufacturers, so EPS has had to balance the need for employee safety with our civic duty to ensure that our customers have the product-marking consumables necessary to continue and even ramp up production.  We continue to honor our commitment to providing impeccable service even in this difficult time.  We are following the New York state definition of “essential businesses,” which are defined as, among others:

Essential Health Care Operations, Including:

  • medical wholesale and distribution
  • medical supplies and equipment manufacturers and providers

Essential Manufacturing, Including:

  • food processing, manufacturing agents, including all foods and beverages
  • medical equipment/instruments
  • pharmaceuticals
  • telecommunications
  • microelectronics/semi-conductor
  • agriculture/farms
  • household paper products

The most important message EPS wishes to convey to the public is that, despite the need for social distancing, connection is more important than ever.  We will get through this viral epidemic, but only if we maintain the relationships that connect us all.  We are all in this together, and only by working together to ensure that supply chains remain unbroken and productivity remains efficient can we get through.  Engineered Printing Solutions is still here to help you change the way you print, so let’s keep the conversation going!

Stay well, everyone.