EPS Announces BottleJet 2.1 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

EPS Announces BottleJet 2.1 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

New servo motor replaces step motor for increased repeatability and reliability.

EPS Announces BottleJet 2.1 Cylindrical Inkjet PrinterEngineered Printing Solutions is pleased to announce a new version of its celebrated BottleJet Cylindrical Inkjet Printer—the BottleJet 2.1. Highlights include an improved lead screw motion motor, which is now servo-electric instead of a “step” motor for increased repeatability and reliability.  Other improvements include an improved bottle fixture, with additional guide rollers that can be installed and removed easily thanks to a quick-release latch.  We’ve also added a second mandrel with a shorter stem to accommodate larger bottles.

EPS Announces BottleJet 2.1 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The UV sensor will prevent accidental curing of print heads.

Perhaps the single-biggest change over the previous model is the addition of a UV light sensor to prevent accidental damage to the print heads.  If the sensor detects the presence of UV light, the machine cancels the print job and returns to its home position.  In addition, there is a new lamp curtain window, which allows the operator to close off unused sections of the lamp that are not required for the curing process.  In previous designs you had to remove the second lamp when not in use and tape over any sections that were not being used in the remaining lamp.  A new angle-adjustment knob allows speedy adjustments of the curing lamp, where previously it was necessary to loosen a bolt to make adjustments.  This time-saving feature will be much-appreciated by operators.  Finally, the curing lamp can now be adjusted to have a negative angle, which means that the BottleJet can now print cylindrical objects with the print heads moving from the top of the part to the bottom without the need for reverse-tooling.

The BottleJet 2.1 has other upgrades as well.  A new red laser guide on the head carriage enables the operator to easily set the print origin on the part.  An improved method for stirring white inks even when the machine is off reduces startup time.  Even the firmware has been upgraded to power the new features of the BottleJet 2.1.

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The BottleJet 2.1 can produce photo-quality images in under a minute.