EPS Extends Its Product Offering to Wide Format

Contract decorators are always looking for more productivity from their plant and equipment, and since they typically operate with thin margins, contract decorators also constantly seek to lower unit costs.  With this in mind, Engineered Printing Solutions has extended its flatbed inkjet printer range with the addition of the FJet RF and FJet ZF series of industrial inkjet printers.

FJet RF Series

The FJet RF Wide Format Flatbed Inkjet Printer

The FJet RF Wide Format Flatbed Printer

The FJet RF series  employs Ricoh Gen5 or Gen6 print heads in either a single or double row depending on the model, and can have anywhere from two to eight print heads depending on the colors needed.  Both the RF and the ZF series include Light-cyan and Light-magenta for exceptionally smooth color gradients and better midtones, as well as Orange for extended color gamut and Varnish for high-gloss or high-build finishes for tactile effects.

FJetZF Series

The FJet ZF Wide Format Flatbed Inkjet Printer

The FJet ZF Wide Format Flatbed Printer

The FJet ZF series boasts Kyocera heads for a dizzying maximum resolution of 3600 dpi and the fastest print speed in its class, with up to 10 print heads in a symmetrical array.  All printers in both series can accept media up to four inches in height and come in three different platen sizes: 5.25 x 3.5ft., 8 x 4 ft., and 10 x 5 ft.

With an extended color gamut and resolution up to 3600 dpi, EPS’ new offerings in the wide format space can cater to the traditional signage and graphics market.  With large platens and print speeds up to 1400 ft2 per hour, the RF and ZF series also have a place in the direct-to-shape market, particularly for contract decorators who want to increase throughput, and thus lower unit cost.

Is your company looking to increase margin and lower costs relative to your existing flatbed product-marking solution? Drop us a line and tell us all about your challenges.  These machines are in stock and ready to ship, so we can have you saving money sooner than you think.

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