EPS Helps Catheter Manufacturer Increase Capacity

EPS Helps Catheter Manufacturer Increase CapacityZeus, a leading manufacturer of catheters and medical tubing, has announced that it is making a multimillion-dollar investment in manufacturing capacity in response to growing demand from medical device OEMs.  The company will more than double its footprint at its San Jose, CA, facility and will create 15 new jobs at that facility alone, with over fifty new jobs expected in the next few years.

KE13 pad printer

KE13 Catheter Printer

As a long-time provider of catheter printing machines for Zeus, Engineered Printing Solutions has enjoyed watching Zeus grow, and growing with Zeus. We are currently building a catheter pad printer based on the machine at right. Replete with a 360-degree vacuum catheter fixture bed to hold the part in place, a pad shuttle, and two opposing servo-driven cupslides that meet in the middle of the cliché, this KE13-based catheter printing cell will allow Zeus to meet the immediate requirements of its customers best, according to Suresh Sainath, General Manager and Senior Vice President for Zeus’ CathX Medical division, which provides catheter-based design, development, and manufacturing services to medical device OEMs and companies.

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