End-Of-Year Shipments Highlight Success Of Modular Production Techniques

inline flame pretreatment

This machine uses a six-axis robot to load parts onto the conveyor for printing. Stored “recipes” control everything from parts-handling to tooling changeovers.

Engineered Printing Solutions recently shipped one of the most versatile automated singlepass inkjet printers in its history, and the rapid development process was made possible by streamlined design and production techniques implemented in the past year.  The machine in question was designed and built in our East Dorset facility for a leading player in the promotional products industry.  Based on the XD-70 platform, this machine featured a six-axis robotic arm controlled by a vision system to load parts, inline flame pretreatement, a five-color, six-head print engine, and servo-controlled offload accumulators for sorting different SKUs.

Printed products are automatically sorted for downstream secondary activities.

With this machine, the customer will be able to store separate “recipes” for each SKU, each of which can be recalled instantly upon changeover.

Parts are first loaded into a fixture.  Stored recipes enable the robotic arm to locate the part, pick it up and place it on a conveyor for pretreatment.  The part then moves under the print heads for marking.  Following inline UV curing, the part is conveyed to a series of “gates” that open and close according to the recipe. In this manner, parts are sorted automatically.  On average, this machine can mark 1,000 parts per hour, including changeovers.

This singlepass inkjet printer will be able to accommodate up to 20 SKUs, and this is limited only by the number of end-of-arm tools stored in the carousel.  With changeovers of the carousel itself, the number of SKUs this industrial inkjet printer can decorate is limited only by the 25-lb. weight limit of this particular arm and the physical dimensions of the part itself.  In the hands of a skilled operator, this is the proverbial Swiss army knife of production decoration for the promotional products industry, able to accommodate a wide variety of parts, capable of performing near-instantaneous changeovers, and delivering products with complex decorative effects and subtle gradients at fourteen linear inches per second.

See This Automated Single Pass Inkjet Printer In Action

You can see this machine in operation here, including tooling changeover, pretreatment, and sorting:

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