Tech Tip Tuesday: Can You Get Hurt Operating Pad Printing Equipment?

It is, of course, imperative that common sense and attention to moving parts be used when operating any piece of equipment.  This includes pad printing equipment.  More often than not, the KP-05 – KP-08 model equipment will be run as a standalone system with only the manufacturer’s supplied guarding in place.  This includes the EZ-90 – EZ-160 equipment.

As the equipment gets larger … so goes the compression capability.  The XP-13, for instance, is capable of producing compression forces of 1,050 lbs.. This is enough to flatten any hand.  Along with the compression force there is usually some form of part conveyance.  With this comes pinch points.  For these machines it is mandatory that a light curtain be implemented, as supplied by the manufacturer, in order to keep an operator from inadvertently harming themselves.

Long end around, the manufacturer does all we can to guard those portions of the machine that are of interest however there is no substitute for good manufacturing processes and an operator paying attention to the task at hand.