Tech Tip Tuesday: How long after pre-treatment do you need to start printing?

Is it an hour, a day, a week or is there a way to test to be sure the priming function is still viable?

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast answer to how long it can be expected that the pre-treatment will remain in effect.  Largely this is dictated by the make-up of the material to be pre-treated. Different plastics will retain the pre-treatment for differing amounts of time.  Testing would have to be performed to understand the specific product you are printing.

In my experience I’ve seen product keep pre-treat for as long as three weeks however, more often than not, the pre-treatment degrades in a matter of hours as opposed to days.

We are always of the mind to recommend printing product as soon thereafter it is wiped (and the liquid flashes) as is feasible. As a general rule of thumb it is always best to print the product just after pre-treatment has been performed.  Of course … you should wait for the pre-treatment to flash prior to print.

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