Tech Tip Tuesday: Ink Leaking Over The Edge Of The Cliché

Have you ever had ink leaking over the edge of your cliché?  You have tried to figure out the solutions and investigated the issue by taking the cup off to check if the ink was too thin. When you did that you discovered that the ink might be too thick, but you are still uncertain of what steps to take to fix the problem.

We have a solution for you. There are a couple things that are contributing to the issue: 1. Ink too thick.  This causes the inkcup to hydroplane the resultant of which is the residual ink getting plowed into a pile on the return stroke.  2. Heat accelerating the cross linking process causing increased out gassing.  Cracking or removal of the inkcup filler screw should alleviate this.  “Weak” magnets are not a contributing factor.  The exposed magnets may have a minimal effect with relieving this issue but it is just a band-aid … not … addressing root cause.

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