Tech Tip Tuesdays: Let’s Talk About The XD070 Industrial Inkjet Printer

The XD070 Industrial Inkjet Printer “image direct” from computer to print. The perfect solution for short or long runs with quick changeovers and variable data. This printer is ideal for multicolor printing on flat and semi-flat surfaces on a variety of substrates and can be customized to meet your printing needs.

Now, let’s talk fixtures and print job setup!  With 3-dimensional parts, proper presentation of the product to the print head is critical.  The closer and more level the part can be presented relative to the face-plate, the better the quality of the print will be.  Calipers and a level are tools which can make this process more simple, but the ability to actually advance the product into the machine to more precisely gauge your proximity is optimal.  By employing the “Setup  a Job Print Position (by Test)” standard software utility on the XD070, the Operator is able to advance the fixtured product into the printer to visually set the print head-to-product offset (print height), as well as the cross track (left to right) offset. This capability provides for faster initial job setup and decreased printer crashes saving both time and frustration for the Operator.