Supply-chain headaches?
Join the Reshoring trend!

“I have a print job that I make about 10k of a year, and my supplier has moved printing offshore with a 4 month lead time. Time to bring it in house.”

—A Prospective Customer

Solve Your Supply-Chain Issues By Decorating Parts In-House

If we had a dime for every time we’ve heard this story…the statement above is an actual quote from an actual prospective customer.

By now, everyone is familiar with supply-chain issues plaguing every sector of our economy.  We have written about it before too.  Experts who touted the benefits of lean manufacturing, JIT, and supply-chains stretching around the globe are now reconsidering.

Fortunately, many of the benefits of lean manufacturing—chiefly lower costs associated with smaller inventories of upstream components and unfinished goods—are still possible, at least in terms of industrial inkjet product-decoration.  By bringing part-decoration inline with the actual production of the part, whether through an injection-molder or a stamping machine, companies can perform just-in-time customization or regionalization of products nearly instantaneously, thanks to process-color inks and the absence of clichés—a few clicks of a mouse to recall stored artfiles, and you’re good to go.  Perhaps your product-decoration has a seasonal component to it—change from a Valentine’s Day motif to an Easter motif with the click of a mouse.

FJet 24 uv flatbed inkjet printer

The FJet 24 can store artfiles which can be recalled with the click of a mouse, enabling the operator to switch from one job to another nearly instantaneously.

Our FJet series of uv flatbed printers are a fine example of the versatility offered by inkjet product-marking.  The FJet24 is a high-resolution, high-speed flatbed industrial inkjet printer. This 24″ printer supports single- or bi-directional CMYK + WW printing and is excellent for industrial products, medical devices, electronics, appliances and much more.  It can print a full platen in about 90 seconds at 1200 X 600 dpi.  You can watch it in action here>

BottleJet DualSpin drinkware printing machine

The BottleJet DualSpin cylindrical inkjet printer can print on either flat-or taper-walled objects, and is ideal for the Ad Specialty industry.

The BottleJET DualSpin is endowed with amazing print productivity and quality for simultaneous printing of 2 tapered/cylindrical objects. The DualSpin has two loading stations allowing for loading of one station while the other is printing. Print 1, 2, 3, or 4 different designs in one job!  With up to 11 ink channels, the BottleJet DualSpin can produce extended color gamuts and subtle gradients with seamless 360-degree printing. The automatic print head protection system prevents accidental exposure of the print heads to UV light, and the programmable maintenance schedule allows automatic purging, wiping, and capping of print heads. True variable data capabilities mean that you can combine variable alphanumeric data on each part with static branding graphics on all parts. This makes the BottleJet DualSpin the ideal decorating solution for the drinkware and ad-specialty industries—imagine a different name on each piece, with standard graphics on all parts to provide each participant with an individualized keepsake from an event.

XE20 5 Color Pad Printer

The XE-20 can print up to five colors and can store artfiles for instant recall.

For longer runs or more challenging part topographies, automated pad printing machines are often the answer.  Engineered Printing Solutions has a full range of pad printers, from simple, hand-operated, one-color machines to fully-automated 14-color pad printers with robotic part-handling. One such example is the XE20 Pad Print MachineThis machine utilizes a Windows®-based operating system to control brushless servo-motors. This allows the operator to achieve fast and extremely accurate registration in multi-color applications.  In addition, every aspect of each individual project is stored in the PC’s memory, enabling the operator to quickly recreate recurring projects.

Are you suffering from supply-chain woes from your print supplier?  Drop us a line—we can help you bring your printing in-house!

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