InPrint 2019 A Huge Success

Julian Joffe, Founder of EPS, cuts the ribbon at InPrint 2019.

From the 9th through the 11th of April, industrial print machine manufacturers and decision-makers from Fortune 500 companies in such diverse industries as Automotive, Tool/Hardware, and Ad Specialty converged on Louisville, Kentucky, for three days of meetings, presentations, and discussions about the emerging digital revolution in product-marking.

As the Platinum Sponsor of the event, Engineered Printing Solutions had a strong presence at the show.  “For three days, EPS had a midwest showroom,” said Ken Tyler, whose territory encompasses much of the Midwest.“  The ability to demonstrate the printing capabilities of our inkjet machines right before the eyes of prospective customers—and even to print on parts they bring us at the show—is invaluable.”

The show began with EPS’ own Julian Joffe cutting the ribbon.  Julian also gave a talk on the second day of the show, answering the question, “Why go digital?” by discussing the short-run production and variable-data capabilities presented by industrial inkjet printers.  Julian also mentioned the quick changeovers in the digital realm as compared to traditional “contact” forms of printing such as litho, flexo, and pad printing, as well as there being no need to store clichés, pads, and endless spot-color inks.  Julian concluded by presenting two case studies in which Engineered Printing Solutions helped an existing pad print customer convert their product-marking process to digital inkjet, showing that high initial capital costs were quickly recouped through both lower unit costs and labor efficiencies as well as higher revenues generated through expanded capabilities (just-in-time production, mass-customization, variable data), to say nothing of the higher perceived value of the end product.

Engineered Printing Solutions pays homage to an early technologist. Click on the image to see all images in the series.

At the InPrint show, EPS demonstrated variable data on a single pass machine by paying homage to the pioneering photographer Edward Muybridge.  Muybridge was famous for shooting a series of early photographs of a horse running, and is credited for creating one of the first motion pictures by combining these photographs in a stop-motion film.  Kevin Metcalfe of Engineered Printing Solutions created a series of artfiles using Muybridge’s photographs, and we printed the series of 20 images in at 14 inches per second.You can see the result at left.

Engineered Printing Solutions also Demonstrated the BottleJET 2.0 at InPrint.  In honor of the upcoming Kentucky Derby, we chose a design that mimicked a julep cup, complete with roses and a mint julep recipe.

Finally, we also demonstrated the FJet24 Gen2 by printing a colorful graphic onto hand sanitizer, because who doesn’t need hand sanitizer at a trade show?

All told, InPrint 2019 was a resounding success.  It was great to see current customers, to meet new ones, and to make the case for converting to digital product-marking by demonstrating our extensive line of inkjet printers.

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