Technical Service with Remote Access

Whenever you have a technical problem wouldn’t it be nice to virtually relay the issue to the guy on the other end; without having to explain the details? There are so many times when I wish technical service could see what is on my screen rather than having to figure it out on my own. Here at Engineered Printing Solutions, our technical service representatives are able to virtually operate your machine and resolve the problems or issues you may be experiencing. This is all done by having “remote access” to the machine.

Remote access has been extremely successful with our customers. The remote access program is available with our custom machines. With this technology our technical support team can access the clients’ machine through a simple internet browser. This is a major advantage because with a complex custom machine it is challenging to describe what the customer is seeing on the screen. As soon as the customer and our technical staff are connected they are able to speak either by phone or Skype. The operator is able to see exactly what our technical support team is doing on the machine and our tech support staff can see exactly what the operator is doing on the machine. It is not just a matter of being shown how to resolve the problem; technical support can virtually operate the machine to solve the problem. For safety reasons we do want to make sure that someone is physically at the machine to ensure the safety of everyone on the plant floor and to monitor that the machine functions as expected during the operations that are being performed.

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